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Advanced Building Care's Effective Results Cleaning Program "ERC"


Say goodbye to the industry's standard daily, weekly, and monthly commercial cleaning schedules that do not hold accountability and lack transparency with both Clients and Cleaning Contractors. Advanced Building Care's "Effective Results Cleaning" combined with its unique and very effective Owner / Operator Franchise business model, guarantee full accountability and transparency for EVERY detailed task needed.

Think about it…. every building is different and will need certain tasks completed each and every service, and other tasks completed depending on what takes place during the time before the cleaning services take place. Maybe during the day someone makes a smear or smudge on the wall. How can someone always be held accountable for the cleanliness of the walls if a cleaning schedule states that walls will be cleaned on a weekly basis? Dust accumulates in buildings depending on several factors including the location of the building, the type of HVAC equipment, length of time between changing filters, amount of time windows & doors are left open, and a variety of other factors. Don't you want to know that your building will ALWAYS be looking its best and know that everyone in the building can be assured of its cleanliness?

Advanced Building Care developed "Effective Results Cleaning" so that there could be full accountability and transparency for every detailed task after each service provided!

Advanced Building Care's Franchise Owners / Operators receive comprehensive training on inspecting every detail of a building before starting our advanced cleaning processes at the start of each service. They are trained as "Business Owners" and "Sales People", not just "Cleaners"! We know that a great business owner really cares about his or her business and clientele. A good janitorial "Salesperson" on the other hand can immediately identify a problem in a building to be able to bring it to the prospective client's attention (also important for every "cleaner" to know to always identify detailed tasks and problems before the start of every service).

Our Owners / Operators are not trained as robots wasting time completing time consuming tasks that may not be needed during that service. Instead, they spend their time wisely completing every detailed task that is seen deficient from both the initial and final inspections completed. Our Advanced equipment, products, and processes are then utilized to provide the cleanest and germ free environment possible. Accountability is fully held from the RESULTS obtained after every service completed!

If for some reason there is EVER a time when a client is not 100% satisfied with a service completed, Advanced Building Care LLC employees and the Advanced Building Care Franchise Owners / Operators will IMMEDIATELY take care of the deficiency seen, and do so without questions asked. We pride ourselves in obtaining the absolute highest customer satisfaction levels.

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